Antonio Murado: Ánimas

February 21, 2016 – January 8, 2017


Presenting five new large-scale works influenced by 17th century Baroque Spanish painting

Born in 1964 in Galicia, Lugo, in the Northwest part of Spain, Antonio Murado often describes his process as an exchange with his canvases. Highly skilled, he handles paint and color with experienced dexterity, blending and layering not only shade and light, but also emphasizing materiality. His output has ranged from abstract to the representational.

For these new works, Murado was highly influenced by the techniques and visual elements from 17th century Baroque Spanish painting, and the era surrounding this time of power, imperialism, exploration, and conquest. His intention is to recontextualize these elements within contemporary painting. Alongside these chosen themes, he decided to take the most essential characteristics of his medium, reducing them to the minimum: canvas, stretcher, and oil paint. In this context, color and imagery are imbued with a strong sense of space and shape. For instance, In Mare (2015), one of two diptychs, he juxtaposes an exterior with an interior: on the left, a deep red which he describes as reminiscent of the velvet inside castles and chambers, the locations where political decisions and calls to action would be made; on the right, an oceanscape, the symbol of navigation, exploration, and discovery. The other diptych, Stanza (2015) focuses more directly on materiality, referencing the red Medieval cloths of the time by the addition of swaths of linen, and highlighting the seams.

This exhibition will be held in the Mana Café on the 5th floor.

Press Release

(1) Antonio Murado, Icarus, 2015
(2) Antonio Murado, Abend, 2015
(3) Antonio Murado, Stanza, 2015