June 18 – October 1, 2016


Organized by artists Jason Lazarus (Florida) and Sean Ward (New York), this installation marks the debut exhibition of PDF-OBJECTS, a curated collection of artist selected text-object pairings. This growing anthology, featuring over 50 artists from across the country, includes: Alberto Aguilar, Basma Alsharif, Robert Burnier, Alex Chitty, Katy Cowan, Assaf Evron, Danny Giles, Gordon Hall, Sofia Leiby, Jose Lerma, Shana Lutker, Matt Morris, Gina Osterloh, Claire Pentecost, Tim Portlock, Josh Reames, Amanda Ross-Ho, Sanaz Sohrabi, Stephanie Syjuco, Tony Tasset, Jan Tichy, and Lori Waxman, among many others. 

Participating artists were asked to submit to organizers: a single PDF of a text that has significantly impacted their practice, a description of a commonly available object, and instructions on how to pair the PDF and commonly available object for display and audience engagement. 

PDF-OBJECTS is an invitation into the artist’s thinking and practice–an embodied library, a sculptural field–each object a footnote to the text, and vice versa. The design of the project encourages new moments of scholarship, pedagogy, and intimacy for the artists and audience(s).

For project inquiries, email pdfobjects@gmail.com.

(1) Assaf Evron—Martin Heidegger, Being And Time—Wooden Stringer
(2) Alex Chitty—Gabriel Garcia Marquez, The Most Handsome Drowned Man In The World—Husked Coconut With Produce Rubberband
(3) Eric May—Mike Sula, Chicken of the Trees—Inflatable Bird Chaser