Selections from Mana Contemporary’s Body + Camera Festival

May 20, 2017 – August 31, 2017
5th Floor Cafe, 4th Floor, and Lobby Exhibition Space


Mana Contemporary Chicago is pleased to present selections from the first annual Body + Camera Festival, a collection of three video works by Hilla Ben Ari, Jocelyn Cottencin, and Sofia Pancucci-McQueen & Anouska Samms. Each film addresses the intersection between the human body and the moving image. Rethinking Broken Lines- A Tribute to Heda Oren by Israeli-based artist Hilla Ben Ari utilizes choreography and the feminine body to evoke themes surrounding generation gaps and gender identity. Jocelyn Cottencin’s Monumental challenges the transmission and consumption of imagery through gestural reenactments of iconic monuments. The Baths, created by Sofia Pancucci-McQueen & Anouska Samms, addresses culturally constructed ideas of masculinity through the documentation of steam baths in London’s East End. The culmination of these three films separately, yet collectively, reshapes the manner in which performance, dance, and human gestures have been previously perceived.

Press Release

(1) Hilla Ben Ari, Rethinking Broken Lines- A Tribute to Heda Oren, 2017. Photo: Asaf Saban.
(2)Sofia Pancucci-McQueen and Anouska Samms, The Baths, 2016. Photo: Simon Plunket.
(3)Jocelyn Cottencin, Monumental, 2016