Mana Contemporary Chicago presents:

Artists at Mana: Selections from the Permanent Collection

February 2, 2018 – ongoing
Floors 2, 4, 5, and 6

Artists at Mana: Selections from the Permanent Collection represents Mana artists-in-residence, past and present, who have contributed to the development of both the permanent collection and creative program. The exhibition occupies several floors at Mana Contemporary Chicago and underscores the widespread scope of practice found among Mana’s growing artist community. The permanent collection of Mana Contemporary was established with the founding of Mana Residencies in 2012; Mana Residencies provides artists with studio space in exchange for donating a work of art to the Mana Collection at the culmination of the residency.

Orit Ben-Shitrit, Loris Cecchini, Patrick Faile, Jason Gringler, Harald Haraldsson, Serban Ionescu, Benjamin Keating, Jakob Kudsk Steensen, Alex Kwartler, James English Leary, Hirofumi Maeshiba, Emily Nelms Perez, Shelter Serra, Ray Smith & G.T. Pellizzi

Benjamin Keating
Loris Cecchini
Jason Gringler

Shelter Serra
Patrick Faile
Serban Ionescu
Alex Kwartler
James English Leary

Emily Nelms Perez
Ray Smith & G.T. Pellizzi
Hirofumi Maeshiba

Orit Ben-Shitrit
Harald Haraldsson
Jakob Kudsk Steensen

(1) Hirofumi Maeshiba, Untitled, 1995. Wood, 15 x 82 x 82 inches. Courtesy of the artist.
(2) Jason Gringler, Conversation Piece (Lacking Focus), 2008. Mixed media, 72 x 84 inches. Courtesy of the artist.