Mana Fine Arts Chicago's half a million-square-foot complex in Chicago, is unlike any other in the field. Works of art can go securely from a studio or gallery to framing, crating, or storage without ever leaving the building. Mana Fine Arts has established a maximum security system and rigorous operational standards.


Mana Fine Arts Chicago was founded in 2003 in Jersey City, NJ. Led by CEO Eugene Lemay, an artist himself, Mana Fine Arts thrived as a high-end art handling firm throughout the 2000s. In May of 2011, the company split into two entities: Mana Fine Arts, which provides all of the services the contemporary art world could want, and Mana Contemporary, serving as the event-planning and programming arm of the organization.



Partnering with Terry Dowd, Inc. (TDI), Mana Fine Arts Chicago will provide the next generation of art storage technology and museum-standard inventory management. From this new location Terry Dowd, Inc. will continue its
35 year tradition of setting the mark for quality in art handling, installation, crating and transportation.


Artwork is professionally protected with advanced storage technology

  • The facilities are located in environmentally low-risk zones.
  • Our AXA ART-approved storage facilities boast advanced security standards.
  • Using closed circuit digital video surveillance, comprised of 30 color cameras and motion sensors, the security system is linked to the central ADS-controlled security station.
  • All Mana Fine Arts Chicago buildings are manned by security personnel round-the-clock.
  • Electronic visitor management systems enhance security through video verification, secured access cards and number codes on every door. These systems are backed by a on demand power system ensuring uninterrupted security, lights, environmental control and elevator access.
  • Our security measures extend beyond our facilities to the protection of each individual works of art in our care, providing inventory management, registration and data history.
  • The areas of the building in which art and other high value objects are stored are protected by ADS: closed-circuit video surveillance and an electronic visitor management system are used.
  • The digital surveillance system consists of approximately 25 closed-circuit color cameras and 10 motion sensors. Video and digital information is recorded and kept for 9 months and is viewable in the guard station, which is manned 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, including holidays.
  • A security guard tours the facility regularly and performs an extensive examination of the building.
  • The security team is supported by “iWatch,” a system that links all alarm information and immediately informs the central security control station of any alarms that have been triggered.
  • Visitors must sign in, present government-issued identification, and be escorted by a Mana Fine Arts Chicago employee with whom he or she has made visitor arrangements 24 hours prior to arrival.



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