Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble

August 6, 2015
7PM – 8:30PM


Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble

Fall 2014 Sponsored Artists Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble return to HCL to present an evening of sonic dreams and impeccable expression.

evening morning day — David Lang
Essay for Voices — Anthony Donofrio
Three Voices — Morton Feldman

The acoustically dream-like space of High Concept Labs provides the perfect canvass for the expansive use of the female voice in works by Lang and Donofrio. In contrast, Feldman’s Three Voices is a challenging and ground-breaking work—rarely performed live due to the nearly impossible demands on the human voice and psyche, requiring impeccable rhythmic concentration and shrewd attention to tuning. The text “Who’d have thought that snow falls… nothing ever falls” from Frank O’Hara’s Wind are shaped, twisted, and morphed into an hour-long musical experience. What remains is a struggle between activity and stasis, permanence and inevitable change, form and formlessness, language and expression, and the hypnotic and mesmeric qualities of the three vocal lines.

Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble consists of Liz Pearse, Kayleigh Butcher, and Amanda DeBoer Bartlett. As dedicated advocates of new music, Quince thrives on unique musical challenges and genre-bending contemporary repertoire.