Bob Faust

Bob Faust is a multidisciplinary artist whose work is realized through myriad forms, including sculpture, painting, video, and installation. By drawing upon the language and tools of the design world and capitalizing on his expertise as a typographer, Faust creates visual, visceral, and contextual art experiences that inspire and/or instigate action. He was educated at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design. He is the principal and creative director for Faust, a cultural branding and communications studio, and the studio/special projects director for artist Nick Cave where he collaborates on both exhibition design and performance works. Faust has been recognized nationally and internationally for his creativity and clarity through many prestigious exhibitions, collections, and publications such as: the Society of Typographic Arts, Chicago Design Museum, Riverside Arts Center, Manifold gallery, Expo Chicago, CHGO DSGN, Communication Arts, Print, and the London Creative Competition. For more information, visit