Holy Trinity Goes to Church:
An Open Studio Event

June 11, 2017
12 – 4PM

Mana Contemporary Chicago
2233 S Throop St
Chicago, IL 60608


Holy Trinity Goes to Church:
An Open Studio Event

Forrester Whit Poster

Get behind the scenes of the film, Holy Trinity, in an open studio event featuring performances by drag performers Mood Killer, Glamhag, Cavenaw & Cavenis and more.

Holy Trinity is a feature film written, directed by, and starring Molly Hewitt, and produced by Full Spectrum Features NFP. Holy Trinity follows the story of Trinity, a queer girl from Chicago who huffs the contents of a magic aerosol can and develops the ability to talk to the dead. In one scene in the film, Trinity attends a night club and drag show called, "Church", featuring performances from Chicago Drag Queens in religiously-inspired drag. The emphasis of Trinity going to this show is to highlight the importance of queer nightlife as a spiritual space for many people. The club as Church and nightlife as a religion; these Queens, club kids, and queers will be imitating and parodying organized religion to create their own unique place of worship.

Glamhag Wearing An Authentic Skid Mark. Photo by Egon