On View: CIAO, by artist Thomas Berra

On view through January 31, 2016


On View: CIAO, by artist Thomas Berra


For artist Thomas Berra, 'ciao' is a symbol of a strong Italian character and a word with a long history. In the past, it implied the idea of offering oneself: 'ciao' came from a Venetian phrase which meant, 'My greetings and my service', or, more literally, 'I am your slave.' Over the years, ciao has been simplified to become part of everyday language, an easy word recognized throughout the world.

Originally developed in 2012, for Room Galleria, in Milan, CIAO has been recreated by artist Thomas Berra for Mana Contemporary Chicago. The work will be on view in the Mana Chicago lobby until January 31, 2016.

Thomas Berra (1986) is a visual artist who lives and works in Milan. Berra spent the fall of 2015 exploring his practice in a studio at Mana Contemporary Chicago. For more information, visit thomasberra.it.

Photo by Assaf Evron