July 16, 2015
7PM – 9PM



High Concept Laboratories' Sponsored Artist Mitsu Salmon presents her multidisciplinary solo dance piece Tsuchi on July 16th at High Concept Labs.

Tsuchi draws from Salmon’s grandfather’s experience growing up in Hawaii as a Japanese-American, and then as an American GI in Japan. The work explores questions of family and modernization through Butoh, Nihon Buyo (Japanese folk dance), contemporary dance, and everyday movements with music and text. Nihon Buyo and Butoh are heavily influenced by farming and a connection with the earth. Similarly, Tsuchi examines earth and roots as connected to the body, heritage, and place.

The work is a collaboration between Salmon, sound artist Alyssa Moxley, accordionist Ryotaro and musician Kevin Carey. A preview of Tsuchi was performed in April as part of the Post Butoh Festival in Chicago.

Image: Original Image by High Concept Labs Sponsored Artist Mitsu Salmon