Mana Residencies

Established in 2012, Mana Residencies (based in Jersey City, Chicago, and Miami) provides an opportunity for selected artists to integrate into existing Mana communities where they receive access to studio space, new audiences, on-site resources, and more.

Mana Residencies is by invitation only and is curated based on the assessment of each artist’s vision and the nature of their current projects. The selection process gives special weight to artists who seek—and can benefit from—the use of alternative spaces and engagement with Mana’s creative community. By offering these resources, Mana’s goal is to provide a platform for artists to discover new territories for their practice, especially those that would likely be impossible due to logistic constraints.

The Mana Residencies program was founded by two former gallerists, Ysabel Pinyol (now Chief Curator at Mana) and Karline Moeller (founder of Art Frankly), in efforts to provide artists access to the time and space needed to engage in process, and is devoid of outside pressures associated with the commercial and social elements of the art world. Since its inception, the program has continued to evolve according to the experience of participating artists and their individual needs. Much like a think tank, escape, or retreat, Mana Residencies responds in real time to provide a dynamic, organic experience for the residents—subject to the environment in which it lives.  

With each cohort, Mana Residencies continues to offer greater access to the participating artists and more opportunities within the art world. In 2017, the program supported over thirty artists across Mana’s locations and introduced several new residency studios in Downtown Miami. Guided by the vision of the program’s founders, developments for the coming years include an exchange program for Mana artists to criss-cross communities between Jersey City, Chicago, Wynwood, and Downtown Miami, along with added public programming; here, artists-in-residence are offered opportunities to self-curate exhibitions and take advantage of Mana’s professional- and creative-development resources.

Since its founding, the goal of Mana Residencies remains the same: to foster a supportive artistic community and provide each artist the opportunity to realize their fullest potential.

Current Chicago Residents
Matthew Metzger

Previous Chicago Residents
Daniel Baird
Jonas Becker
Third Object (curatorial)

Brendan Fernandes
Leonard Suryajaya
MOCREP (programming)
Warren Cockerham

Allison Glenn (curatorial)
Julka Almquist (programming)
Dawit Petros
Bethany Collins
Hugo Crosthwaite

Faheem Majeed
Latoya Ruby Frazier
Danny Giles

*Please note that Mana Residencies is by invitation only. Submissions are not accepted.