No Escape Hole is an online exhibition from Mana Contemporary’s New Media Residents in Chicago and New Jersey. The show’s title suggests that digital technologies do not offer an escape from the “real world”; that IRL and URL are contiguous. The web browser is the ideal platform for many of these works, not only because it’s accessible, but also because of its unique aesthetics and capabilities. These works use technologies as old as the magnet and as new as the Twitch stream. They are often playful, but can also appear stark in their use of raw tech.

The exhibition will exist on the Mana Contemporary website, and will feature videos, interactive works, images, and essays by Mana New Media Program residents Cat Bluemke, Jenna Boyles, Minsun Cho, Morgan Green, and Joo Young Lee, along with artists Hayeon Hwang, Tiri Kananuruk, Sebastian Morales, Michael Simpson, Yeseul Song, and David Temchulla from their sister residency in Jersey City.

The Mana New Media Program is dedicated to supporting the production and presentation of work focused on the intersection of art and technology. Through specialized residencies, exhibitions, programming, and online content across Mana’s locations, the program aims to foster new creative voices and involve the public in experiment and innovation in the field.

The program is further enhanced through creative collaborations and partnerships with leading-edge thinkers, institutions, and organizations, including past and current collaborations with New Museum’s NEW INC; Nokia Bell Labs; Giphy; the School of the Art Institute of Chicago; NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program; and Rutgers University.


(1) Courtesy of Cat Bluemke

(2) Courtesy of Jenna Boyles

(3) Courtesy of Joo Young Lee

(4) Courtesy of Minsun Cho

(5) Courtesy of Morgan Green