Futures Master Class — Learn about Shaping the Future, with Julka Almquist

November 29, 2015
2PM – 5PM


Futures Master Class — Learn about Shaping the Future, with Julka Almquist

Futures thinking is not about prediction, but is an exploration to help us better understand the present and what might become possible. Futures thinking can help with pragmatic needs like strategic planning, decision-making in our lives, and it is especially relevant for creative people who have the imagination and skills to shape the future. Led by Mana Programming Resident Julka Almquist, this master class will explore three methods of futures thinking – scenario planning, design fictions, and ethnographic futures. Julka will discuss theories, examples, and provide hands-on experience to learn these methods. She will also provide an extensive reading list and the opportunity for one-on-one project consultation. Coffee and snacks will served.

Julka Almquist is a researcher, designer, and trend/futures analyst who lives in Chicago. Her work has been largely focused on cultural and civic institutions exploring how design and thoughtful visions of the future, can empower individuals and communities. She has worked as a design researcher at IDEO and the Mayo Clinic, and currently teaches design students at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She holds an interdisciplinary PhD at the intersection of anthropology and design from the University of California, Irvine.

Image courtesy of Julka Almquist