2017 Battles: SS3 Post-Butoh Festival with Paul Henry

April 14 and 15, 2017
12PM – 4PM

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High Concept Labs at Mana Contemporary Chicago
2233 S. Throop St.
4th Floor
Chicago, IL 60608


2017 Battles: SS3 Post-Butoh Festival with Paul Henry

Julien Prévieux,  Patterns of Life  ,  film still, 2015. Courtesy Jousse Entreprise Gallery (Paris)

Paul Henry’s workshop offers a method of embodied psychological practice, designed for people seeking to explore a creative way to express the memories, dreams, and possibilities hidden in their own body. The workshop also offers a unique method of training for those interested in making performance and dance work.

Paul’s training aims at developing bodily awareness through a set of exercises focused on coordination and articulation, dissolving  tension, balance, grounding the body, and visualization.

This sparks the flow of inner images, desires, conscious and unconscious memories and dreams, and our ability to perceive bodily energies. The goal is to unlock the imagination-body by surrendering to images, giving rise to the unique dance within each of us.

These workshops are open to all levels—with or without dance experience—and Paul is keen to welcome those of all body types, abilities, and needs.  While no dance experience required, a passion and curiosity for movement is essential.

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Image: Courtesy of Paul Henry