Hugo Crosthwaite:
Artist Talk and Works-in-Progress Showing

April 10, 2016
2PM – 3:30PM


Sound/Drawing Meditation with
Adam Geremia and Julka Almquist

Meditation is an increasingly popular way to temporarily escape our busy and constantly connected lives. Many meditation options require solitude, stillness, and have overt spiritual overtones. Chicago artist and designer Adam Geremia takes a different approach. His meditations are collective experiences that engage or disconnect our senses. They allow us to be active, relax our minds, and enhance our creativity. In this immersive session, Adam (assisted by Julka Almquist) will guide us through art meditation exercises that address our sense of sound, touch, and smell. There will also be afternoon tea and snacks.

Adam Geremia is a freelance photographer, filmmaker, and designer. With nine years of experience in consulting, he has produced work for Ford Motor Company, American Express, Divvy Bike Share, Brooks Running, and the National Institutes of Health. In addition to brand consulting and storytelling, he has several projects exploring the nature of consciousness, the senses, and creating experiences that connect us to our bodies and our environment.


Image: Adam Geremia in his meditation session at Studio Olafur Eliasson in Berlin.
Photo courtesy of the artist.