Winter 2017 Open House

January 29
1PM – 4PM



Winter 2017 Open House

Julien Prévieux,  Patterns of Life  ,  film still, 2015. Courtesy Jousse Entreprise Gallery (Paris)

This January, we are pleased to present two exclusive new exhibitions, as well as open artists studios.

Francesco Clemente and Chuck Connelly in the Pellizzi Family Collections
Through August 31, 2017

Thirteen works drawn from the collections of members of the Pellizzi family, and was collected by Francesco Pellizzi, who is an Italian anthropologist and art critic, co-Founder and Editor, since 1981, of the Harvard multi-disciplinary journal RES – Anthropology and Aesthetics (currently published by University of Chicago Press).

Odes To Transience I Create: Encounters with Jamie Diamond & Matthew Weinstein
Through May 31, 2017

A collection of three video works placed throughout the building: in the lobby, on the 4th floor, and in the 5th floor café. Curated by Mana’s Curatorial Director Ysabel Pinyol, the show asks viewers to examine moments of brief, often impersonal interactions, specifically those involving relationships that perish synchronously with the moment (a bad date, a conversation at a bar, a subway encounter). Each work is installed on a separate floor. In contrast to a traditional gallery, the pieces are installed in transient areas: spaces primarily used for passing through en route to a destination.

2233 S Throop
Chicago, IL, 60608
(Entrance on East side of the building)
For directions, click here.

Image: Francesco Clemente, Untitled, 1996