Who Let Who Let the Dogs Out Out

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Ace Hotel Chicago
311 N Morgan St
Chicago, IL 60607



Mana Contemporary and Ace Hotel Chicago present: 

Who Let Who Let the Dogs Out Out

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During the winter of 2010, Ben Sisto noticed something: a missing citation on the Wikipedia entry for the song “Who Let the Dogs Out.” He did a little digging that led to a London-based hairdresser and steel drum aficionado who recalled some facts that contradicted other information on the Wikipedia article. Sisto got to thinking, “Who did let the dogs out?”

Nearly eight years later, Sisto is the (self-appointed) world’s leading expert on “Who Let the Dogs Out.” His collection of memorabilia, artifacts, and evidence contains roughly 300 items—an archive Artnet called “a fascinating, decade-spanning history.” and Hyperallergic called “strange and thoroughly amazing.”

Who Let Who Let the Dogs Out Out? is an hour-long multimedia presentation that introduces audiences to a host of colorful characters, dives into complex litigation, highlights the pros and cons of copyright law, and makes a strong case that states the origins of one of the most well-known pop hooks of all time comes from an unlikely source.

Versions of the presentation have been held at Kings College (London), the American Repertory Theater (Boston), New York Law School, and other spots; tonight’s performance will be the only Chicago-area presentation for the foreseeable future. Presented in partnership with Ace Hotel Chicago, the event is free and open to the public. The evening prior, you can also catch Sisto DJing the hotel’s bar, Waydown, with special guest Sasha Kokorokoko.

Ben Sisto (b. 1980) lives in Brooklyn, New York. He oversees public/cultural events for Ace Hotel New York, and previously programmed a variety of nightlife venues and DIY spots in New York and Boston. In 2016 he co-produced Web Safe 2k16, a collection of super-short stories about the pre-broadband Internet era, and he is the world's leading expert on “Who Let the Dogs Out.” His work is more or less about collecting, organizing, and sharing.

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Courtesy Ben Sisto